The Meal Planning Board is well under development, and is starting to take shape. I thought I’d share some updated screenshots. Some of these look much the same, some of these are brand new. The entire program has increased functionality, and is moving along right on schedule.

Sample view of the heart of the program: the Schedule

Schedule FeaturedAn unsorted shopping list in two shots to show the full list as well as the bottom of the list and the tool that sorts and organizes the individual items on the list. Clicking on the “Sort by Section” link will sort items  by customized store sections.Shopping List topShopping List bottom

Sample view of a recipe. Recipes with multiple components show those components in one view.Recipe View

Sample of the Recipe List. Right now, recipes are sorted by meal. When the full version is released, they will be able to be sorted by tag, source, and other options.

Recipe List

View of adding recipes to the collection. This has some user interface improvements to go.Recipe Entry