Meal Planning eCourse

Do you want to dive in to the world of meal planning, but you’re not quite sure how? Whether you already meal plan on paper and want to go digital or you just want to get started, this Meal Planning eCourse is built for you. Six weeks plus a day of instruction, help, and support in meal planning with daily emails for the first three weeks, and regular emails after that. You’ll also gain access to a Facebook Group full of people who also eat and make plans to . You also get a free six week trial of the {IMH} Digital Meal Planner and a printable so you can try digital meal planning and paper meal planning.

Ready to give this a go? Sign up today! The next course will start on 7/11. Sign up today, and we’ll start your Meal Planning Subscription right away (that’s up to a full week extra of digital meal planning bliss).


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