Managed Meal Planning FAQ

What, exactly, is a Managed Meal Plan?

Our Managed Meal Plans are weekly meal plans delivered to your inbox on a weekly basis. Choose a month, three months, or a full year of meal planning done for you. Each week, you’ll receive a customized plan to fit your family’s needs. In the month and three month plans, you’ll receive at least one recipe each week that’s new-to-you (though that doesn’t mean you’ve never eaten that meal or food before). You’ll also receive a few notes about highlighted recipes and some tips and tricks on putting the plan into place as well as making substitutions or omissions.

How will my meal plan be delivered?

You will get an email by Thursday of every week notifying you your meal plan for the following week is ready for your review. From there, you can head to the {IMH} Digital Meal Planning Board and login to review your meal plan and make any changes necessary. You can also update your shopping list so you only buy what you need – most people won’t need to buy salt and pepper every week. You can also add items you do need – toilet paper, soap, etc – that keep your household running but don’t have much to do with meal planning.

I don’t like broccoli or peas or carrots. Will the recipes on my meal plan include those items?

Honestly, your recipes may include ingredients you don’t love. We’ll deliver your recipes and meal plan to you by Thursday so you can review everything before going shopping. You can always remove an item from a recipe or make a substitution – green beans for broccoli, for example.

I have a bunch of recipes I’m really excited about, but, I have no idea how to fit them together.

We can work with you on that! You can add as many recipes to your meal plan as you like. Let us know the recipes you’re most excited about, and we’ll make sure they get on your plan. Keep in mind we’ll design a plan for efficiency and variety. We’ll make sure you eat all the recipes you’re excited about, however, they may not all happen in the same week.

I’m nervous about meal planning. Can I pause my plan for a week or two and pick it back up when I’m ready.

Yes and no. During the three month Managed Meal Plan, you may pause your plan up to four times. During the one month managed meal plan, you may only pause your plan once.

I’m really nervous about meal planning. I usually shop and cook sporadically as the mood fits me.

We’re here for you! We’ll take care of all of the planning part for you so you only have to shop, cook, and clean.

How many meals will be on my plan a day? How much cooking am I getting myself into?

As much or as little as you like! If you like to have cold cereal or yoghurt and granola or fruit snacks or whatever, let us know! We’ll make sure it gets on your plan. We’ll even add repeating items for you so you have yoghurt show up on your shopping list every week. You can cook three or four or no times a day. Just let us know your preferences, and we’ll figure out a plan for you.

I’m headed to the wilderness for two weeks. Will this still work for me?

Yes! You can print your plan and take it with you! Eating happens while in the wild as well as at home. We’re willing to bet at least part of the reason you’re heading out is for campfire chili anyway.

I’m a really picky eater. Are you sure your recipes will work for me?

We have plans and recipes for those who are less adventurous or have sensitive palates. And, if there’s something in a recipe you don’t like, you can always omit or substitute. We’ll send suggestions every week on omissions, substitutions, and even additions.

I’m only cooking for one. Will your recipes work for me?

We’ll be sure to include a few recipes that will make plenty of leftovers as well as recipes that will make just one serving to help minimize over-production of food.

I don’t really like cooking every day. How will this service help me?

We can build a plan for you that focuses on building on itself and utilizing leftovers. You may end up using your stove on a nightly basis, but, some nights will be more about warming up leftovers or adding a few ingredients to turn leftovers into a new meal.

New recipes every week!? Are you kidding me? I don’t want to buy all kinds of spices and craziness. How will this affect my budget?

Meal planning does wonderful things for your budget! Not only will you walk away from the grocery store with the items you need, you won’t have to buy all the spices and sauces and such at once. We’ll assume you have a basic pantry stocked with dried herbs and spices like oregano, rosemary, thyme, cumin, salt, pepper, and chili powder. New recipes may slowly build up your cupboard and widen the variety, however, this will happen over time. We’ll also send you our budget-saving tips to help you save at the check-out line.

What do I do when my Manged Meal Plan is over?

At the end of your Managed Meal Plan, you have choices! You can keep up with meal planning all on your own or you can continue having us do it for you – this is entirely up to you. At the end of your plan, you’ll receive an email with options and discounts. You will have access to the {IMH} Digital Meal Planner when your Managed Meal Plan ends as well as all past plans and the recipes used in them. You can keep re-using everything in there, add more recipes and create your own plans, or a combination of the above.

I’m not convinced. Do you offer a trial?

You can test out the structure of the system with a month long subscription to the {IMH} Digital Meal Planner for just $6.00. Because the Managed Meal Planning Service is so customized to you, we’re not offering any trials.

I have the Digital Meal Planner, but, I’m really not sure what I’m doing. Can I start with the Managed Meal Planning Service?

Sure thing! We’ll pause your subscription wherever it’s at for the length of time you’re using the Managed Meal Planning Service and tack it on to the total (so, if you’ve already purchased a three month subscription and have been using it for a month, you’ll get the two months added on to the end of the plan that comes with your Managed Meal Plan). Just shoot us an email and let us know your login name and we’ll take care of it all.