Somewhere around the end of May, beginning of June my wife and I got a small week planner white board. The kind that people write their schedules on so everyone knows what’s going when.  For us, it was so I would remember what I was cooking when.  It was amazing! Rather than struggling to remember where I left a sheet of paper with the plan on it, it was right there on the wall. I could change what day of the week I was doing my zucchini fritters with the faux croque madame.

And for a while that was good enough.  But I still had to generate a shopping list and schedule the meal plan before I put it onto the white board.  And I often found myself starting two or three shopping lists during the week with things that I know I’ll need when I go to the grocery store (only to lose them, or forget that I already made them). I wanted to be able to pull a standard recipe out at a moment’s notice and have it ready to go! (like my mom’s blank recipe book that she filled with family favorite recipes).

So, I turned to Google. I turned to forums. I turned to blogs. Nowhere could I find the tool that would do the things that I wanted, that I needed.  There are plenty of tools out there for aggregating recipes. More that make a shopping list for you. And even programs that help you with meal scheduling. But all three? No. While I looked into an abyss of searches for a program that didn’t exist, I kept thinking of more features that I wanted! Nowhere was the tool I was dreaming up to be found!

Fortunately, though I am an airhead, I’m also programmer, and I knew just what to do.  So one sleepless night, when there was no one to talk to and TV felt redundant and dull, I pulled up my IDE (that’ programmer talk for a very fancy text editor) and started writing code.  A lot of code.  I built a database, I wrote control logic, I built HTML templates.  And slowly a virtual white board started coming together.  And a shopping list.  And a recipe aggregator.

Right now, it’s still just a prototype. Right now, it’s running locally on my machine, and a few select testers to help me flesh out the feature set. I want to get this right. I want to share with you this wonderful tool that is in my mind, so that together we can explore new recipes.