I have a lot of cook books.  In fact, they have place of pride on the bookshelf next to my desk where I can easily grab them and plan out what I want to cook.  It is one of the things that inspired this entire project.  And, as I’ve been building the program, and running it on my local machine to test, and use, I’ve put in some of my favorite recipes, or new recipes that I wanted to make. Occasionally (or frequently depending on the book) I would come across a recipe that was presented as if it were two recipes, like this:


A composite recipe. That is, two or more recipes that are interdependent on each other to make a single dish. At first, I had no way to handle this other than to simply enter in all the ingredients and make sure that I made the instructions more explicit about what goes where and how much.  That can be rather painful when you’re entering a dozen recipes into a form, and slows the process down a lot.  So, instead of making the data entry more work, I made the database do more work instead!  As you can see from the above screen shot, {Insert Meal Here} does indeed support composite recipe. (incidentally you also get a peak at what the alpha version pages look like, not much yet, I know).