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We cook like us, which is why our blog also shows substitutions, additions, ommissions, and other changes so you can cook like you.

Olive Oil Chickpea Chocolate Cake

Once upon a time, I had a craving for a coffee cake. I wanted something cake like, I wanted it to be olive oil based, and I didn't want it to be too sweet. I scoured the internet and my cookbook collection and found something suitable only to discover we were nearly...

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Olive Oil

So you can jump ahead if you like, here's where I describe a rather large purchase of many olive oils at once. Here's where I discuss the olive oil itself. We also did a tasting (many years ago now), and I'll share the olive oils I reach for every time. The Discovery...

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Review: Best Ever Chocolate Quinoa Cake

We'll review a cake in a minute. But first, a little story. or skip the story and go straight to the find and the review. The Story When I was pregnant with our second child, my husband wanted to bake me a cake for my birthday. Our first child (then three) wanted it...

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Spinach and Gorgonzola Sandwiches

The Story (or skip ahead to the recipe) Sometimes, you get inspired by the ingredients for one recipe and end up wanting to make something completely different. This list These ingredients: spinach cream Gorgonzola Italian bread flour butter eggs nutmeg is make upthe...

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Yogurt Curry Sauce

The Development (Or skip ahead to the recipe). Many years ago, I had a dipping sauce that was yogurt based with an Indian curry added. It was served to me, likely with chicken, and I wanted to ignore the rest of the meal and eat the sauce. Clearly, this needed to...

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Review: Lebanese Beef Zucchini Boats

I spent more time than I'd like to admit browsing recipes online. Between what pops up on my Facebook feed, research for something I want, and interactions with other food bloggers, the list starts to get quite extensive. Even though I I often find recipes to try, I...

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