Digital Meal Planning Made Easy

Welcome to {Insert Meal Here}, the Digital Meal Planning Board driven entirely by you.

Have you ever

  • Lost a favorite recipe?
  • Cooked something amazing and not written down what you did so you could repeat it?
  • Forgotten what you had planned on eating?
  • Left the grocery store without all the ingredients for your dinner?

Never experience these problems again!

  • Use the {IMH} Digital Meal Planning Board to:
  • Build a customized collection of your favorite recipes in one digital space – just like the card collection on the counter minus the food stains.
  • Organize and categorize your recipes so you can find them with customized tags.
  • Build a meal plan that works for you and your family’s needs.
  • Head to the grocery store with a complete shopping list.
  • Organize your shopping list based on your favorite grocery store(s).
  • Come home and #ConquerDinner all week long.

Start your meal planning journey today.

Recipe Collections

We’ve curated some of the best of our favorite recipes into mini cookbooks we call Recipe Collections. Each collection features at least eight recipes that could come together for a meal plan on their own or with recipes you already love. We’ll also include tips and tricks on substituting ingredients, using or planning for leftovers, and modifying recipes for Sensitive Palates. Check back regularly for new Collections.