Print Your Plan

A little while ago, we were asked if the {IMH} Digital Meal Planning board could print the schedule to paper, so the paper could be displayed in a family command center.

What a perfect idea, I thought. The app needs to do this. I turned to the developer and told him.

A few hours later, and I had what I wanted.

The schedule now has a “Print This,” button right next to the date. Clicking the button will create a PDF that can be printed to good old fashioned paper and put where it’s most useful for you.

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Recipe Tags

Your personalized tags.
Your personalized tags.

Tags keep your Recipe Collection organized. They also assign a recipe to specific meal. Beef stew, for example, is usually a dinner item, while sandwiches or my favorite Adult Bentos are great lunches. Adding these tags (dinner, lunch) to a recipe tells the meal planning board to put the recipe under that meal in your collection.

Place a comma between tags. This recipe didn't have very many, so I added a few to help sort it better.
Place a comma between tags. This recipe didn’t have very many, so I added a few to help sort it better.

Recipes can have multiple tags, and can belong to multiple meals. Just place a comma between each tag. Want to add a tag to a recipe later? Just type the tag in there, hit save, and it’ll appear in there the next time you look at the recipe.

Besides sorting by meal, just what do these tags do? For one, they start

A sample listing of recipes tagged with "Egg."
A sample listing of recipes tagged with “Egg.”

to show you what you eat. The tag cloud up there will show you your top ten tags (you can tell we eat a fair bit of chicken, vegetarian meals, and sweet potatoes). It does more than that though. Click on a tag, and you’ll head to a listing of every recipe with that tag. It’s much like the meal tabs, but more specific to the recipes you love, and how you think of them. Or, say you know you have a bunch of eggs you’d like to use up, but you don’t want the Faux Croque Madame. Click on the “egg,” tag to head to a listing of recipes tagged with “egg” in your collection. See a tag that inspires you more? Click that tag to head to a listing of recipes with that tag in it. Tags could even be used to sort out a family member’s favorite meals by using the name of the family member. Favorite holiday or gathering meals could also be tagged as such.

All recipe collections have some level of organization. Whether that’s a box with cards kept roughly in alphabetical order or, a cookbook sorted by meal and main ingredient (or even by season), there’s some sort of organization. The {IMH} Digital Meal Planner gives you all of these levels of organization. Even better, you personalize your organization to what works best for you.

How will you organize your Recipe Collection?