Welcome to {Insert Meal Here}, the digital meal planning board driven entirely by you.

Add your favorite recipes to your collection from whatever source you please (there are some public recipes as well – mostly ones I’ve written – that you get). Later, edit and notate the recipes so you never forget.

Make a meal plan based on your recipes. Plan for a week, a month, or even a full year. Plan all your meals for a day or just one or two.

When your plan is set, build a shopping list based off the food you’ll be eating. Edit the list to remove the vanilla you’ve bought 3 times already, and add in the laundry detergent you’re nearly out of (or whatever items you already have/need to buy). Sort the list with the controls by the sections in YOUR store, head out, and come home with all the things you need and none that you don’t. Come back home and #conquerdinner all week long.